On this page I will list games that I created in my spare time. Most of them are done all by myself. Some in a small team of friends. The goal is always: Learning more about my favourite topic Game Creation.

Some of the games are unfinished. The reason is: There isn't an unlimited amount of time available. If you would like to encourage development on these games feel free to contact me.

Here are the commercial games that I worked on (not a complete list though): Giant Bomb, Mobygames.

VR: Vacate the Room

The first game I developed and released by myself (Presskit):

VR2: Vacate 2 Rooms

N°2 (Presskit):

The Quest for the BIG KEY

Pure Metroidvania:


Zähl Da!


Frets on Fire - hOSHIs New Groove

hOSHI's ElekTRONauts

hOSHI's Picross


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